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Who We Are

Hello There strengthens conscious communities

"Hello There was born out of the desire to improve mental health outcomes.

For most people, work is stressful, life is busy, and expectations are at an all time high. I am driven to share wholesome experiences with people, in the hope it can positively support people on their journey.

I have always been a connector and creator, so I want people to have access to health, wellness and intellectual development support and experiences like never before. 

Get Hi is a festival inspired event to allow people to get high on their own energy supply, in a safe and wholesome environment.

Hello There educates and empowers people and businesses for optimum health, wellness and growth.”

Carly Faragher,
Hello There, Founder & Head Community Leader

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What We Do

Hello There is solving problems for businesses by creating: 

  • Financial Freedom

    By providing support with sponsorship, grant applications, budget analysis

  • More Time

    By being your one stop shop for business advice and referrals

  • Peace of Mind

    By providing holistic health services, personal development opportunities and coaching

  • Growth Opportunities

    By having a dedicated Business Development Manager, Events Manager or Marketing Manager

  • Community

    Through an ecosystem of business offerings to empower, educate, inspire and evolve

  • Wholesome Fun

    Through holistic health and educational events and experiences like Get Hi and wellness retreats

Our Values

Hello there is proud to operate by and promote its core values:


We focus on peoples strengths and inspire their highest potential.


We believe that we have the freedom to choose from limitless possibilities. 


We connect with others through loving acceptance for the greater good of all.

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Support the strengthening of conscious communities through your business.

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Connect, collaborate and create, by providing a service, product, or passion.

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Our Community Leaders

Carly Faragher

Hello There founder

Creator of possibilities, connector of people, experience enthusiast. Empowering change, causing impact. Strengthening conscious communities one party with a purpose at a time.


Anna Osherov

Founder of the Hollistic Business Hub

The CEO and founder of the Holistic Business Hub and an event-marketing expert who works with business people to create eventologists: Known as the authority on how to build your business with events, Anna is regularly invited to share her knowledge on business podcasts. 


Callum Holt

Transformation Coach

A passionate Holistic Transformation Coach, Callum is especially driven to teach men how to become the best version of themselves through the relationship between perfromance in life, masculinity and the state of a mans health, mind and spirit.


Darren Larkman

Film Maker, Photographer

Melbourne based photographer and film maker, lover of the outdoors, coffee and Labradors. “My passion is helping people bring their visions to life”.


Jamie & Kat Beilharz

Yana Hey - Sound Journeys and Soundscapes

Jamie and Kat have been working therapeutically with sound for the past 6 years. They work with indigenous sound healing traditions of Peru along with Western transpersonal modalities. Kat is a BAST certified Group Voice Therapist who brings her experience and passion for the healing potential of the voice. Jamie is a Life Coach and EQ facilitator and loves working with sound as a medium for growth, healing and transformation.


Lucine Eusani

5Rythms Dance Coach

After a decade on South America studying the shamanic traditons of the Amazon Lucine earnt a Masters Degree in conflict resolution and worked as a mediator and facilitator before training as a coach. In 2006 she discovered he passion for 5Rythms and now coaches one on one and holds classes in Elwood.


Micheal Ivany

Wellbeing Facilitator & Speaker

A corporate come spiritual, social entrepreneur that loves all things wellness and is dedicated to his life mission - to heal Australia and beyond. The founder of The Island of Men, Mikey enjoys nothing more than to inspire and be inspired by the magic that exists in this world. 


Sanford Tong

Outathebox Productions, Founder, Video Creator, Photographer, Strategist

Helping businesses to grow by creating engaging video and visul content. Whether you are building brand awareness, upskilling your team or leading your organisation through a bold transformation. We can help you to share your vision in a memorable way.


Chloe Flora Foreman

Graphic Designer, Blogger & Content Creator

Known online as Be Kind Coco, Chloe runs an ethical lifestyle blog where she reviews products and provides educational and conscious lifestyle tips. Chloe also works with ethical brands as a Graphic Designer and content creator, including social media coordination, creating eDMs, posters and presentations. Recently, Chloe also branched into video editing and animation.


Abigail Smart

Social Media Coordinator and Digital Marketer

Abigail works as a social media coordinator in Melbourne, volunteering her skills to help a not-for-profit, the Sports Environment Alliance and Hello There Community. Currently Abigail is working for Business Assist, a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne’s CBD, providing support in marketing strategy development, website editing and social media for clients and the business as a whole.


Aine McConnell


A hospitality and wine professional. Aine has completed two vintages making wine in Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley and is studying to become a certified Sommelier. Aine is passionate about biodynamic winemaking, green living, vegetarian food, sustainability and environmental protection. A firm believer in the connectedness of all things and living a mindful life to create healthy happy communities


Beckie Peel & Jess Doxey 

Crystals & Manifesting techniques

Beckie & Jess are so passionate about bringing the ancient healing medality of Crystals to the modern day world. The duo behind HartRoks are Melbourne based Yoga Teachers, Beckie & Jess. Together, they bring equal parts ‘Girl Boss’ with a hint of ‘just tryin to adult’. They’re down to Earth most of the time, but you’ll find them getting energetic highs when they are helping others be the best versions of themselves.


Lachlan McFarlane

Network Engineer

Lachlan begun his “Burning Man” journey in 2017, in the wake of setting his new years resolution of “Going to more festivals”. After volunteering at multiple events, his intention shifted from a perspective of fun to learning, soon realising these are synonymous. His passion for gatherings has only grown stronger since, as he views their existence in society as a catalyst for sparking genuine creativity, love, inspiration and positive change. 


Vanessa Indovino

Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Healer and Coach

Vanessa is a Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Healer and Coach dedicated to supporting people to reconnect with themselves and their own innate wisdom. Deciding to trade security for self-awareness, she made the commitment to heal herself from the inside out. Through her own personal transformation, Vanessa is committed to helping others achieve awareness, clarity and alignment on their path.


Our Sponsors and Partners

5th Element

5th Element Wellness is a world class health club, providing all the knowledge and tools to achieve great results and optimal wellness.

5 Rythms Dance

5Rythms is a moving meditation practice developed inthe late 1970s. The Practice is always gowing and evolving, you can attend a class any where in the world.

Hollistic Business Hub

The Holistic Business Hub is a boutique venue that supports and empowers business people to bring their vision to life. By providing a successful space where people run demonstrations, workshops and events. 

Second Story Studios

A hub for the conscious and creative communities offering multiple spaces for workshops and events, as well as studio hire for small to ​medium businesses.

Darren Larkman Film & Photo

Working with small business owners and entreprenuers to create engaging videos and photographs for the promotion of your brand and events. Using a unique style to capture and envoke emotion through creative images.

Island Of Men

Helping good men connect with other good men, the Island of Men run one day workshops for self improvment and healing for all men.

Outa The Box Productions

Combining 25 years of corporate experience with over 10 years in independent film making, I create business videos with an Indie film maker’s eye, to provide purposeful storytelling without the premium price tag. 

Yana Hey

Yana Hey sound sessions bring together an eclectic range of instruments from around the world including the Yidakee (didgeridoo), crystal bowels, shamanic drums, voice, rattlers and much much more.

Get Yourself Dressed

Get Yourself Dressed is an independent, local to Melbourne festival wear brand that focuses on making you look and feel the best you possibly can!

Serotonin Eatery

As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform.

Oz Harvest

OzHarvest is Australia's leading food rescue charity. We collect quality surplus food, distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfill.

Caly Jandro

Producer and DJ in Australia’s Underground, Urban Shaman. Channeller of Wholesome Electronic Beats and Worldwide Organica.

Hart Roks

HartRoks provides simple tools for people to use in order to establish their own journey using Crystals, whether that be to manifest, heal or simply in keeping a mindful practice.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

“I absolutely loved the last Get Hi event by @HelloThereCommunity. It felt like coming home to a community of like-hearted souls, with activities that truly left me on a high (minus the hangover), from cacao ceremony to kundalini yoga, sound healing and dancing. I left feeling more embodied and connected to myself and the people around me. I can’t wait for Get Hi in June! If you want to feel amazing, be inspired and meet beautiful people then I can’t recommend this event enough.” 

Vanessa Indovino
Vanessa Indovino

"I went to Hello There’s launch and it was such a wonderful event and can’t wait for the next one. The night was filled with so many amazing things to do,the entertainment, and the food provided was spectacular. The organisers did such an fantastic job at creating a beautiful ambience and atmosphere throughout the night. It was so lovely to be around like minded individuals and I came away with a beautiful smile on my face and inspired. So much gratitude to have been apart of the night"

Laura O'Sullivan
Laura O'Sullivan