Get Hacked Get Hi March 2020

Get Hacked Get Hi in March aimed to bridge the gap between conscious and corporate with interviews with Directors of Hallmark, World Vision & SalesForce. Experiences included a Pana Cacao Ceremony, ChakraDance and Wim Hof breath work and ice baths.

Get Hacked Get Hi November 2019

Get Hacked Get Hi in November was an unforgettable experience focusing on managing our mental health and cultivating our creativity by minimising EMFs, breath work, cold therapy, sound healing, singing, and yoga.

Get Hacked Get Hi June 2019

Bringing together thoughts leaders and experience providers in wellness, we hacked our body, mind and spirit to Get Hi on our own supply.

Get Hacked Get Hi February 2019 

Hello There’s launch event was the first of many, one of a kind transformational health hacking events, drawing inspiration from Burning Man.