Our focus is on timeless styles that can be comfortably worn anywhere. Made of premium acetate (not plastic) for durability and fitted with the latest artificial-light-blocking technology.

Get relief with just one pair of glasses not only from artificial-light related headaches, eye strain/fatigue, but also the long list of health issues that arise from poor quality sleep, since this is when we heal and recover best.

As we include three different interchangeable lenses with each pair, in addition to the clear (day/computer) lens in the frames, they can to be worn anywhere with artificial-light, both day and night. The first of their kind; solving the need for multiple pairs of glasses, to mitigate all the poor health outcomes artificial-light causes.

Buy them in two styles from our partner Barkley Eyewear here, and use code “hellotherefamily” for 10% discount on your purchase.