What is a Community Leader?

So who is an ideal Community Leader For Hello There?

A Community Leader is someone or a business who:

  • Believes in the power of community
  • Is committed to making a difference
  • Is interested in health, wellness or sustainability
  • Aligns with the values and principles of Hello There
  • Wants to connect, collaborate and create on an event
  • Has a product, service, skill, passion, idea to contribute i.e. food, workshop, entertainment

Our benefits to you for being a Community Leader:
Benefits vary depending on the stage of the business and the reasons for wanting to collaborate. Benefits include:

  • A forum to collaborate with the Hello There Community Leaders in the lead up to the event, online and face to face
  • A platform to showcase your community contribution, and expand your networks
  • One on one sessions to develop concepts and involvement in event
  • Support, advice and referrals for connections, products, sponsorship, marketing etc.
  • Marketing to share your involvement with your invites
  • Inclusion on the website, and social media
  • A complimentary workshop space at the event
  • A complimentary promo video, after the event, for your personal marketing purposes
  • Complimentary photos after the event, for your personal marketing purposes
  • A minimum of one (1) complimentary ticket
  • Paid tickets reserved for your guests
  • Complimentary tickets to Hello There partner events

Hello There is committed to supporting Community Leaders get the most out of this experience in the lead up to and at the event. Time commitment from Community Leaders includes:

  • One on one initial business consultation
  • Creative consultation
  • Fortnightly phone check ins
  • Monthly Community Leader gatherings to connect, collaborate and create

Costing & Pricing:
Hello There will provide the venue and space for your participation. Details of your involvement and associated costs will be developed in consultation to your vision. Hello There strengthens communities through connecting people where services might be exchanged or provided at a discounted rate. Re-purposing is also encouraged.

Does this sound like it’s for you? Let us know!
Click here to submit less than 500 words detailing:

  1. Who you are
  2. What impact you/your business is out to make
  3. Business location
  4. When you’d like to collaborate with us
  5. What product/service/skill/passion/idea for event/community project you would like to contribute
  6. Where could Hello There support you i.e. marketing, new customers, sponsorship etc.
  7. What you are seeking out of the experience