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FAQs – Hello There
Hello There


Who is Hello There?

Hello There was founded by Carly Faragher in October 2018 and inspired by people and the power of community.

“What I’m present to is, is so many of us want to do purposeful work and make a difference. 

I see passionate change makers, particularly in health, wellness and sustainability, and the possibilities for connections, collaborations, learning, growing and making a positive difference together.

We meet people where they’re at, at whatever stage of their business, personal growth or level of consciousness.

We provide tailored services, through community partnerships, and curate events in collaboration with community.

Hello There is a community to support people expand themselves and thrive in the areas that matter to them.

As an individual we can make a small difference. As a community we can cause big impact.”

Carly Faragher, Founder and Head Community Leader

What is our Mission?

To reduce the suffering in the world by strengthening conscious communities.

We aim to achieve this by providing tailored services through community partnerships and curate one of a kind community experiences that:

  • Connect people and businesses;
  • Educate in areas that create impact;
  • Empower self discovery and awareness; and
  • Inspire an altered way of thinking, being and acting.

What do we believe in?

Hello There have a set of values and principles that guide the ethos and culture, and aim to empower and inspire actions on:


  • Commitment​
  • Integrity
  • Creativity​
  • Collaboration​
  • Leadership​
  • Authenticity


  • ​Learning​
  • Fun​
  • Wellness
  • Service
  • Community
  • Compassion

What is Get Hi?

Hello There’s signature event – Get Hi is a conscious festival meets conference, with inspiration drawn from events like Burning Man and Burning Seed.

Launched in February, it is a one of a kind experience, held every few months, curated by an events committee of Community Leaders.

Health, wellness and sustainability advocates are encouraged to apply for the position of Community Leader, to showcase their skills, products or services at an event.

Hello There is a platform for passionate individuals to share the difference they’re making in their community, and for people to be empowered and inspired to enjoy a more conscious lifestyle.

Each event is totally unique and curated by the Community Leaders.

Get Hi is a party with a purpose, without the hangover, consisting of an opening and closing ceremony, wellness and sustainable living workshops, entertainment, keynote and healthy foods and beverages

How can I be involved?

Like our Hello There page on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all our upcoming events!
Alternatively you can go here to find out what else is on.

What is a Community Leader and how do I become one?

A Community Leader is an advocate in health, wellness or sustainability who wants to showcase their product, service or skills to the community or at an event

Click here to submit less than 500 words detailing:

  1. Who you are
  2. What impact you/your business is out to make
  3. Business location
  4. When you’d like to collaborate with us
  5. What product/service/skill/passion/idea for event/community project you would like to contribute
  6. Where could Hello There support you i.e. marketing, new customers, sponsorship etc.
  7. What you are seeking out of the experience

To learn more about the nitty gritty of a Community Leader and what it means to be one and what it entails click here!

What is a Community Partner and how do I become one?

A Community Partner can be a business, service provider or event who supports our community

Click here to submit less than 500 words detailing:

  1. What impact you/your business is out to make
  2. What interests you in supporting Hello There
  3. What would you like out of the partnership
  4. When would you like to get involved

To learn more about the nitty gritty of a Community Partner and what it means to be one and what it entails, click here!

Who typically attends?

Come and say Hello There at one of our events if you are:

  • Wanting a wholesome night and a whole lot of fun
  • Partnered or Single to Mingle
  • Wanting to get “offline” and put yourself on-the-line to make awesome connections
  • A festival lover or party goer
  • Inspired by daily practices in health, wellness, sustainable living
  • A vegan, vegetarian, or someone who eats food in general…
  • Interested in reducing your footprint
  • Intrigued by alternative “ice breakers” to alcohol
  • At any level of consciousness with your mindfulness practices
  • Open to discovering more about yourself
  • Want to meet some local emerging talent and people making a difference
  • Seeking inspiration for you and your life
  • Wanting a sense of community


I’m running an event. How do we collaborate with Hello There?

We’d love to hear from you!

Click here to submit less than 500 words detailing: the event details and how you propose Hello There is involved.

Hello There is committed to responding at the earliest convenience and we will normally respond within a few business days.

What is a conscious community?

Like minded people who strive to expand their awareness of who they are and the impact they have on themselves, others, and the world we live in.


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